Social Media is now extremely important for all businesses whether they’ve been around for years or they are just starting up. Social media give a company’s the chance to interact with customers, share news, give quicker response times and it also makes it easier for customers to give feedback.

However, this can only benefit a business if done right.

Social Media done wrong can be ineffective and waste marketing resources but it can also alienate the target market and damage your reputation. There are plenty of ways to fail on social media and sometimes it can be simple mistakes that cost you so that’s why we are here to stop you from failing.

1. Treating social media as one long sales pitch

The number one mistake companies make on social media is only using it to sell to customers. These companies are only ever giving their social media accounts attention when they have a new deal or service out or are promoting old services to customers.

Nothing turns customers off more than being constantly sold to. Customers don’t want to feel like you are only after their money they want to feel you are there to offer a service to them.

Apply the popular 80/20 technique to make sure your social media is being used correctly. This rule is: make sure 20% of content is sales and 80% is dedicated to educational, informative posts that are useful to customers.

This will gain clients as they are learning useful things from your posts and when they’re learning more about products then they’ll know what they need to help them. So now not only do you have new customers but you have customers who know what they need from you.

2. Don’t Just Focus on the top Social Media Platforms and recognise their differences

A common mistake social media marketers are making is limiting themselves to what platform they are using.

Facebook is the most popular platform but it shouldn’t be the only one you are using. Other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are hardly used by social media marketers even though they have huge amounts of users.

The main thing to remember with using other platforms is realizing that the content can’t be the same for each platform.

For example, Youtube is for videos so this is a great place to share funny videos or vlogs that you have. Snapchat is a great way to quickly update users on whats currently happening. A quick photo or video of your Snapchat story quickly shows users whats going on. Instagram is best for photos but they also have stories that most social media marketers use to share events or adverts quickly.
Having a presence on a wide verity of users attracts much more customers and does no harm to your brand if used correctly.

3. Forgetting the importance of high-quality images

Social media may be a more casual and less formal way of interacting

with users, however, this should never affect the image quality you are using. Nothing is worse for users than seeing out of focus and dark images it can come across as cheap and lazy. If the images are not attractive the customer is less likely to read the post. Statistics show posts that get most attention have images and videos attached the users like visuals so use them but always make sure they are high quality, attractive attachments. The more attractive the visual the more customers you will attract.

This is social media gold.

4. Believing quantity of followers is more important than quality

It is common for pages to want as many followers or likes as possible and to just aim to attract huge amounts of fans however this doesn’t always result in more users. Your target market should be your main focus as they are the people most likely to become customers.

You could have 10,000 likes but only 10 clients or 100 likes and 100 clients.

The quality of followers is always more important than the quantity.
You will organically bring in your target audience if you are sharing good relative content then they will share it and attract more people looking for similar services.

So there you have it our social media mistakes that businesses should steer clear of in 2018. We hope this helps you become a more confident and better social media marketer.

All the best, Aidan @CatchfishOnline.