You need social media management for your businesses and we are here to tell you why. First of all, I’ll briefly explain what social media management is for those who don’t know. Social media managers are there to keep track of all your social media accounts to gather new likes and followers for your pages. They will have a calendar created themselves to keep on track of regularly updating followers on new services or news updates about your company. Now you know what it is let us explain why you need one.

Everyone is Using Social Media

Just about everyone is on social media if your target audiences age is between 16-50 then there are millions of potential new customers out there. Twitter has over 330 million active Twitter users every month and Instagram has 800 million and if you think that’s a lot then wait till you see this… According to Facebook itself, it has 1.4 billion daily active users on average for December 2017. These numbers are massive and they are continuing to grow every single day. Having a social media manager would mean you know you have someone who can target this audience and expand your brand bringing in much more customers. The customers are out there you need a social media manager to get your name out to them all.

Keep followers regularly updated

A good social media manager will have a well thought out social media calendar that will be used to put up posts at the right time. They find out these ideal times by testing posts and seeing when has the best reach for your audience. This means your posts are reaching the most amount of people per post so you get the most amount of interactions. With the largest amount of people seeing the posts it means the most amount of followers are updated on everything going on in your company. People like being updated and knowing what is going on and Social media channels are the places to do this.

A social media manager will also be active a lot on your social media and will be there to interact with your followers making your social media more friendly and it will increase your customer service knowing that they have someone there often to communicate to and ask questions to.

Staying on top of trends and changes in the industry

A social media manager is important because it means you have hired someone who is constantly on top of trends and changes in the industry. This means they are posting relevant content and enjoyable posts for followers and that kind of content attracts much more potential clients following your social media. When the content is interesting then they are more likely to follow or like because it means they won’t mind seeing your posts coming up on their feed. If the content is old or boring then people won’t be interested.

Save time

Another reason social media management is important is that you most likely don’t have time to run multiple social media while your working during the day so having someone constantly working away and keeping track of your social media works better for you and your followers. You will no longer need to worry about thinking up interactive and interesting posts and constantly staying on top of multiple social media. This means when customers are interacting with your pages they are getting quick responses and an enjoyable experience for the user.

Reputations can be destroyed on social networks

There are many great kinds of posts on social media that can have users interacting and sharing with friends but there are also some very sensitive topics to avoid on social media. Many companies have encountered this problem and put out a post on social media that have caused a lot of controversies and resulted in them having to apologise. YOU DO NOT WANT THIS. Having a social media manager would mean you are in safe hands and know no issues like this will occur and everything will be done professionally.

Hopefully, now you realise why you need social media management and how important it is for your business. Here at Catchfish Online we offer this service and are more than happy to help tune your social media accounts.

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All the best, Aidan @CatchfishOnline