3 tell-tale signs you need to hire a social media manager

09.04.2021, catchfish

Writing just Isn’t your thing

Social media posts may not be the next great American novel, but that doesn’t mean creating them doesn’t require quality writing. In fact, writing social media posts can be challenging. They need to be light and friendly yet authoritative, and the voice used needs to remain consistent Also, since you don’t want to post identical content to all platforms, rewriting and revision skills are critical.

If you don’t consider writing to be your major strength, seek out a social media manager who is experienced at crafting written online content.

You never have enough time

Running a business is very time consuming. Even if your business is small, it requires numerous tasks every day just to remain up and running. Dividing your time between those vital tasks and social media management may be asking too much of yourself.

When social media marketing is done correctly, it’s essentially a full-time job. Every day starts with looking at metrics and research related to social media trends within your industry. From there, posts are made. On Facebook alone, businesses should share posts almost every day, not including live Facebook ads. Since visual content performs better than text, time is also needed to create and format visuals that accompany each post.

Every platform your business has a profile on increases the social media workload. Instagram’s best practices mention posting at least once per day, and Twitter mentions the same. On YouTube, it’s suggested to post a video about once a week. This is an intense schedule, especially when placed on top of all the other tasks related to owning a business.

Engagement on Your Pages Is Low

Ultimately, results are what matter most. You may be social media savvy, adept at various platforms, own the right tools, excel at writing, and have more time than you know what to do with—but if your pages aren’t seeing the right levels of engagement, you aren’t getting the results you need to be successful at social media marketing.

Rather than struggling with this and stressing over it, it may be time to hand it over to a social media manager. Using their skills and proven strategies, they can boost engagement levels and achieve the results you’re aiming for.

If you feel its time you hired a social media manager speak to us here at Catchfish. We offer a range of bespoke packages to suit your business and you can concentrate on what you are good at- running your business. Get in touch today 01698 536393 or info@catchfishonline.com.